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Subject:What Binds Us (Complete 3 Part Fic)
Time:02:04 pm
Title: What Binds Us
Type: Unconventional, Het, Episode Remake, Action
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Alias
Pairing/s: Sydney/Sark, Sarkney (features other characters)

Summary: After the shock Sydney had been subjected to in the final scene of the Season Four finale “Before the Flood“, she then wakes up elsewhere, no longer in Santa Barbara, in sole custody of none other than the long time bane of her existence Julian Sark. With so many questions still unanswered, and so many more things now unexplained, will a foe become a friend, or was he always a friend in the first place...or maybe even more.  There are three parts to this fic, and each comes complete with it's own summary and information (word count, episode setting, disclaimer, tags).

Warnings: Spoilerish. You don't like spoilers, turn away now, otherwise I am not accountable for the actions of your pre-warned eyes. Remember to treat this fic as an episode which will act in place of Season Five premiere “Prophet 5”. Thankyou. Comments are eagerly welcomed, so please submit them if you have the time. This is a first and so far only co-written fiction attempt by myself and Hannah, so if you wish to be critical, please bare that in mind also. Thanks so much!

( What Binds Us Part 1 )  ( What Binds Us Part 2 )  ( What Binds Us Part 3 )
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Time:09:32 am
Current Mood:awake
hey everybody!!

i'm not sure how many people are still active in this community, but for those who don't know David has been cast on the show HEROES...so we'll be seeing him Monday Nights starting September 24th! (in the states)

i've missed this comm and i hope everyone perks up :)
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Current Music:The Servant - Cells
Subject:Anders Layout
Time:03:48 pm

I noticed a really big lack of David Anders Layouts out there so I decided to make one for the David Anders Fans of the world! Feel free to customize with your own images, just make sure you tell me when you do... and give me a link to the layout. I am just curious so see what you come up with ^_^, Especially if it is Sarkney. :P Anywho here you all go. Enjoy!

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Best view: 1024 x 768
Browser(s) Compatable: internet explorer and mozilla
Live Preview: da_test12
Picture Preview:Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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- Share!

CODE VIA CUT!Collapse )

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P.S, Sorry if this appears a lot of times on your friendslist :(
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Subject:Sexy David Pictures!
Time:08:33 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
I hope it is OK to post pictures in these communities, I just want to be sure they are still active. There aren't alot of David Anders Coomunities and I need those fellow fans! So, even though they aren't new ones, I wanted to share some of my favorite David shots!!!

Sexy Sarky PicsCollapse )

Anyone want to make some David icon requests?

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Time:06:29 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
Hey, I'm new to this community and I thought I should post so hi!
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Subject:Come meet David Anders!!!
Time:04:47 pm
TV Time Events Presents…

Primetime Convention 2006!
June 9th-11th, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Hilton, LAX

Come enjoy a weekend with some of your favorite personalities from the world of Primetime television. To start things off right, we are pleased to have the wonderful David Anders (Mr. Sark) from Alias and for a dash of intrigue, The Lone Gunmen themselves, Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood.

With many more guests to come…

The founders of TV Time Events love conventions. All conventions. The perks of meeting people who become friends along with the actors, creators and writers that make our favorite shows so wonderful is a unique and memorable experience that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Our mission is to bring together, not just a single fandom from one show, but a multitude of shows and the viewers that love them. The success of a show depends on many important factors. including, but not limited to: solid writing, directing, acting, and behind the scenes talent. Most importantly - that ever-evolving "around the water cooler" discussion of the exciting episode the night before.

How many of us have spent hours after an episode broadcast discussing it in minute detail in Internet chat rooms for days on end? Every nuance, word, glance is dissected and mulled. How wonderful would it be to come to a venue that would allow you have this same kind of discussion, not only with other viewers who love the show as much as you do, but also with the folks who helped created it?

Our mission is simple really; to have a meeting of the minds, if you will. We want people who enjoy TV as much as we do to come and share their love with others. Tv Time Events was created to get the word out and celebrate the programs we love; to preserve shows that are still on the air and lastly, to celebrate the old favorites that now reside in our DVD collections. Join us and bring some friends. We'll provide the popcorn and promise you the time of your life!

Visit us online at TV Time Events for more information and our current list of guests.

Tickets go on sale January 20th, 2006!
TV Time Events
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Time:12:01 am
x22 Alias (mainly Sark) icons


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

post contains season 5 spoilers
more here
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Time:01:07 pm
Hey everyone, new here. I became a David fan just recently. I'm slowly working my way through the episodes of Alias on DVD, and despite him being on screen before, I never really noticed him until halfway through season two! I don't know how I could have not fallen in love with Sark before then.

Anyway, did anyone see the latest episode of CSI: Miami? David played an aspiring rock star named Brian Miller. I have the episode on my computer and can upload it. I just wanted to check and see if there would be a demand for it, since I'm sure some of you may have caught it when it aired. Let me know!
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Time:06:17 pm
Current Mood:fullfull
From adyess: What can you spill about Alias?

E!Online's Kristin: Sadly, very little. It's like Fort Knox over there these days! But I hear the new characters are amazing, including, of course, our beloved Amy Acker--about whom you can get more in the column and on the boards. Also, Sark is now officially on for two episodes and possibly more.
~Info from Alias-Media

Let's hope for more Sark this season!

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Time:01:56 am
7 Aladdin
10 Sark / David Anders
10 Harry Potter

( right this way! click here! :D )
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[icon] Anders Fans
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View:Website (The Unofficial David Anders Fanclub).
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